On-Board Orbital Propagator

The Open Source On Board Orbital Propagator is the newest project in line within the SSETI Association. The purpose of the project is to develop a simple and robust propagation software to be used in a flying environment to ensure a degree of autonomy to small and “low-cost” satellite not embarking GPS. The simplicity of the propagator shall be compensated by corrections performed by uploading parameters obtained by properly processing TLE data downloaded by the ground segment from NORAD.

The On Board Orbital Propagator shall also be coded in different and wide used languages to be accessible by the largest community of users.As with every project within the SSETI framework each University/Team has its role and objectives, and is responsible for the assigned work, for the related deliverable documentation and deliverable software.

You may also want to download the Statement of Work (link to the document will arrive soon) or perhaps join us?